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"APRIL THE 13" - Name your Reality

Monthly Forecast: March was impulsive, creative, physical and mentally challenging with a lot of movement with no real substance, or impact. April is upon us with a significant time cycle: This cycle is about planning, creating a big picture and a road map for the months to come. Its a 22 time cycle and since it is a double 11 many spiritual questioning will come up in the context of planning. practical note: focus on the the fullness of your cup (glass). With the double 2’s it’s a cycle of collaboration and cooperation, an opportunity to clear past attachments and beliefs. That will create a larger pool of resources, and more opportunities can be realized for the common good. In a 22 cycle one need to aim high so spirit can affect the master plan and create the seeds to benefit many (more about the art of seeding in the upcoming Soul Mapping). The pitfalls within such a time cycle is in the areas of focus and choice; the suggestion is - hold your big picture in your heart, avoid the pitfalls of getting lost in the details around your vision, getting caught in self doubt and comparison to others. The 4th month of a year of mastery and completion - bring themes of extra efforts when it comes to service and career path, try to create a steady pace of involvement, follow a plan, a structure with clear steps and goals. In matters of the heart its not just about following a plan, it is about forging positivity through words, and declarations. The number 13 is in this month’s heart configuration, that is a position of desires, intentions and choice making. 13 in that position means: unreal expectations false intentions, fairy tale like illusion which will mushroom deception within choice making. The power of our words in that position will be critical this month - perception or attitude will be the scale for virtue or failure within the coming seven weeks - a sense of gratitude even when facing deception will make a huge difference. In any area of collaborations and agreement make sure it is all written, and words are not just mentioned and released into the ether.

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