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Summer Solstice - Week 25 - Expand Passion Into Action

Summer Solstice - Week 25:

The 25th week of the year is infused with panic flow, immense life-force - providing a potent back drop for summer solstice.

The numeric cycle brings in one hand an opportunity for inner inquiry and a possibility for re inventing oneself, and on the other hand support for external movement and an increase in vitality and power. You will be faced this week with opportunities to overcome fear, especially in the areas of money and finance. Go beyond your own limiting beliefs and tap into your inner confidence. Avoid conflicts, and disagreements (at home and work) - especially in the are of control and 'who's the boss'. Summer Solstice provides a space for healing and growth as the earth is infused with abundant life force. You may feel overly tired at times - a good reason to rest and support the self healing process.

This week's Numeric Chart has an effect on areas of inner knowing, mental perception, power and energy, breath and circulation, the ability to be fearless, healthy and radiant. Acts of creativity, self expression, humor, sharing food and entertainment, will help you diffuse unreal fear, and see opportunity in the face of challenge.

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