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Week 39 - Creating Vitality Through Words

Our words create the energy we live into, they form the energy for our emotive body to thrive and take us in a desired direction. The 39 week of the year, the last week in September can be framed by the values of self expression and nourishment. the frequency of 39 as it collapsed to 12 - represents the archetype of “the good Shepherd” - the nurturer, the caretaker - taking care of anyone in need. The pitfalls may be in over extending ourselves, while stepping over our on needs. The lessons this week are about self-nurturing and healing - as well as expressing our own desires - which areas in your life have you felt the lack of nourishment?

The vibration of this week within the yearly cycle are under the mighty 13, a significant vibration - a double edged sword which is ruled by the power of our words and projections, in thought and action. Please pay attention this week to what you say to yourself and others (opinions, judgments, compliments) try to see the positive side in any situation and articulate it, praise it - repeat it! The act of repeating positive ideas and thoughts will shift challenge to opportunity, and constrain into a sense of freedom.

Make sure you pause and breath for a moment instead of throwing harsh judgements or words into space - pausing will make a huge difference - because our words this week will form their reality - a self inflicted prophecy - it better be a great one. Fall Equinox brought the dimension of balance and harmony - and 13 may be a challenge to that equilibrium this week; stay in life force of positivity.

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