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April = Group work, Immune system, 3rd eye, means extra meditation and prayer

The Coming quarter - a progression which will bring events to some closure and steady rhythm by July and the first three weeks of August; From the masses to inward evolution of looking within - into adjustment of life force including, setting straight the area of finances. April is about the group experience, a time for the collective - reconnecting and rediscovering family, community, and re defining what HOME means to us and how we can make it more secure and to our liking as well as healing and money challenges/opportunities. Extra communication will be needed, as well as the discipline regarding managing resources, listen to your intuitive mind - double your meditation and if you do not have a practice - its the time to start one. Pay attention to all the governmental offerings and support packages - Time to take legal matters into account; business and personal agreements. this is the time to re negotiate agreements - . Cardiovascular routine will serve our intuitive mind and healing process - as well as keep our mind in a place of neutrality and attentiveness - Breath work will diminish at times sense of fear and being locked in rigidity - movement is a game changer in April (More on April in a 9 min Video). May will bring emotional fluctuations, and at times reactiveness. it is the other side of the gamete - from the group to the self. Time for Internal observation and opportunity for completion. take time to reevaluate your form of expression, as new knowledge and wisdom will come to you – look for answers within – watch out for the tendency to blame others (especially in a year where everything will move through relationships) Uplift yourself through music and Journaling. Mastery will be needed – letting go of incomplete attachments, And incomplete projects. Time to let go of past grudges, as well - forgive and let go. Opportunities to master our intuition over the analytical mind - will unleash extra creative force to be shared within a group setting, as June brings up, Money and power matters - time for initiating or joining new initiatives; don’t get caught in the trap of whose in charge (it will be blurry at that point in time anyway) or whose in control? Any health issues that have been neglected will demand attention. Your executive mind and skills will come handy – get inspired to inspire others. Acts of courage will have their rewards – The radiant body is here to be shared. Right now it is a great time to re plan quickly and create flexibility of structure to generate supportive energy. Good time to do a workshop that will provide an inquiring quest. Writing, planning, tinkering. Need more support in that department - we could start with any questions ( or maybe what is needed is a special 30 minute consultation Learn More.

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