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JULY'S Cosmic Relief - Completion - The Hardship Of Endings

July’s Forecast: In a year of conflicts and reconciliation where faith is the glue between disagreements, everything will be moving through collaborations and dialog. July is about Completion, mastery and spiritual evolution. But before evolving we need to clear the path and provide room for creativity to move ideas and plans forward. in June, we dealt with an energetic frequency that brought up issues of power and fear around money.

This time around we are confronted with matters of closure and letting go of past attachments. For all of us, something that started in October of 2019 is coming into completion in July. The process of completion will continue through the first three weeks in August. For most of us endings are hard, we like to linger in the past and wish things were different this time. A time cycle under a 9 vibration will require more patience and endurance, as departure and ending may linger.

July's 9th cycle is a graduation point in one's nine month process of evolution. Whatever is not matching at this stage in ones life will fall into the side line. This includes people/relationships and matter (stuff that we don’t need anymore). During this period, you may experience restlessness and anxiety. We are creatures of habit who like to come back to the familiar, however, it's important to give yourself room to nurture and connect to new experiences. This is a house cleanup -literally and metaphorically- it’s an opportunity to let go of any attachments that were obstacles to our growth. “Taking Inventory” and completing the past now is the call of the day.

This month, you will be acknowledged for your contributions at work and in your home environment. This is a good time to give something back to our communities, to volunteer and support others. This will bring some joy and defuse the sense of restlessness.

The influencing number (or energy) this month is under 11 - The alchemy of all ten bodies of consciousness – (meaning mastery of spirit will transform any quality to its highest potential!)

The grand '11' is a higher octave of 2. A ‘2’ year vibration will bring up past disagreements and past conflicts. The quality of 11 (harmony/duality extremism vs considering all positions) is in the base of this month’s chart. What will maintain the quality of 11 in a positive poll and have us stable and grounded - is Humor! Be creative, have fun with your challenges and efforts…infuse play and humor into areas of challenge avoid impulsiveness, especially in the areas of food and diet. Try to avoid flirtatious behavior, and drama.

NEXT NOW - a great time to plan, re-focus, and create flexibility of structure to generate firm direction. Good time to move and breath on a daily basis - to defuse extra stuck energy. If you need more support in that department, you can send me a question to: ( or set up a 30 minutes Numeric consultation (sliding scale through August).

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