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December 2021 - Social overload!

2021 - a highly challenging year, impulsive yet creative, where we have been shuffled on all levels (socially, financially, health and consciousness and more), the last month brings that impulsive factor to its pinnacle. The collective needs and concerns will be at the forefront of this holiday season. Physical change in November is shifting now to issues of family, community, the home (where is home)! November was an extremely challenging month, physical consequences, mental constrain like we have never seen before and a desire to follow a higher calling to freedom. December is not a "stroll in the park" yet it provides a different frequency and different dynamics. The frequency of the month itself is in the areas of a '3. frequency. Three is a dynamic rhythm, dramatic and impulsive. It is the 3rd Dimension – Receptivity, Creativity, Expression, and movement. The 3rd point provides another view point, as well as the acts of play and fun. What can we expect this month?

December this year is activated under the high frequency of the number 33. 33 represents a time cycle of great opportunity for collective transformation. It is divine inspiration and sacrifice for the greater good. Some will define the 33 vibrations as one with the 'godly' or saintly qualities - Whether on a small scale of community and family (6) or on a global inspirational scale. This time cycle, will focus on attaining or highlighting the needs of the group, the team - an opportunity to resolve big problems (as well as producing unwanted drams on a collective scale).

The double 3 will create a challenge for us. it want be enough to be positive and hopeful, wishing for the best and taking a leap of faith. Being real about what is possible will go a long way - measuring and weighing in the prose and cones of our reality will be a life saver. The power of prayer will be beneficial in the service of self and others (6 is the power of invocation). The mystic notion of helping others, especially in the areas of providing nurturing energies, positivity and fairness to our immediate family or larger community will play a major role this month.

This time represents also lessons in learning how to nurture self first in order to be available to others. In the heart configuration - aka the way our emotional wisdom makes choices, we will be very eager to please others, as well as getting attention at the same time. We will at times take on more then we can handle on our plate. Impulsiveness will be dominating our choice making process. so if you are impulsive by nature your lessons would be this month to pause before jumping in or making rushed decisions. That pausing will save many of us time, money and pain.

Home, family, community would be the focus this month! Acts of discernment and the power of prayer would be beneficial, as a form of protection. The influencing number of 8 suggests being methodical and rational when it comes to areas of money, energy and power. Avoiding impulsive behavior in these areas will save us heartaches and disappointment. Power struggles may rise around domestic issues, and legal disputes (if you have unresolved agreements - this is the time toi bring them into closure. Make sure you give yourself down time of nourishment and rest in the midst of December's social overload and dramatic flavor. More on 2022 - what to expect hope, and work on in the coming up special webinar 12/15 - 'The Code 2022' Special Offer with 2022 New Years Eve Meditation

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