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July - rebel with a cause

July in its essence may be an experiential month. In the base of this month's chart, we will experience a challenge in the areas of clear boundaries and the capacity to be calm. So, if you know that in some areas of your life there are some lacks of boundaries – July will provide plenty of opportunities to set your boundaries straight. Our daily journey this month, will be affected by movement and physical change (physical environment and bodily conditions). Technical experiences of traveling conditions (driving, flying, camping) will be tested . At times we may feel threatened or confined by the physical circumstances. The feeling of confinement in general is an act of the mind, the automatic fear-based respond, triggered by illusion. Challenging circumstances (with self or others) will generate some extra reactiveness and impulsive behavior. In a year of physical change (and the need to pay extra care to our own bodies), July will bring that sense of adventure as well, travel will be on the rise with its own excitements and unpredictable experience. Like riding a roller coaster, your creative mind will be engaged in all the twist and turns this month provides. As our creativity and expression rises, there will be many opportunities to express and create (preform) new projects and share new ideas. Fresh pieces of art will mushroom, as well as a sense of drama and the joy of play. Social events and the opportunity to shine in public will be on the rise. Tip #1 - Make sure you take a pause! Please temper down your self-perpetuated drama, and the desire to be on the move. in July, take some time alone, give extra care to your physical environment and physical body. Pause before making any abrupt choices.

Tip #2 - be Travel smart!

In the area of travel and operating machinery, like driving (mechanical tools) and flying - our mantra in July is "no rushing". Pause, take a big inhale and exhale, vs. stepping on the gas, or race in your mind. July in its impulsive, creative, and reactive blueprint can get us into trouble which may be costly later. So chill!

Tip #3 - Nourish yourself first!

In the heart configuration this month, there is a desire to nourish and take care of others - you may find some old friends seeking your helping hand. Practice your boundaries and be assertive - weigh the prose and cons before saying "yes, I can help", make sure you have the room and the capacity to nourish yourself and your loved ones first, before taking on passerbyers.

How to limit your self-sabotaging forces!

July will induce some of our self-sabotaging forces, the ones that get us over impulsive, at times neurotic or anxious. If you want to identify and learn how to put at bay your saboteurs, boost our positive intelligence and increase the capacity for self-command - please join our next - Positive Intelligence 7 week foundation process.



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