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March - An important message is waiting for you!

March is about discernment. An inner quest is starting to take place. We are all part of it. The underlying inquiry is led by the question "what is next for us?" and "what is my role in the collective journey?

A cycle under the vibration of '7' is internal and analytical (like taking a hike at night). Boundaries, taking time alone, reevaluating our grand visions and plans, plus inner observation are some of the motifs this month. Take time to reevaluate your big ideas and vision for the coming year – new knowledge and wisdom will come to you and all of us in the coming weeks. Even though the external noise is strong and distracting – look for answers within – watch out for the tendency for doubt and second guess yourself. This time will be experienced as very analytical and mental, especially in a year where we are so caught in unnecessary details, overthinking the small stuff.

This month is about re-inventing self and others. At times you may feel slight depression when every little noise or comment (especially from the people close to you) will turn you off, and may trigger some drama, brush it off - this month is about figuring out your current story. Some recommended remedies for depression - is upliftmant through music, chanting, movement, and play.

Mastery will be required this month – let go of any elements that are obstructing your vision, and greater purpose, like side interests, which are irrelevant to your dreams, or inquiring to others affairs - this month is going solo. Attachments to the past will play a role as well. Let go of past grudges and attachments, forgive yourself for inviting some bad players into your life in the past. Since it's a year to be methodical and follow a structure and a form, it is the perfect time to revise your plan for the year. Investing in your vision will pay off in April.

Need to get clear about your direction, purpose, and plan? here are couple of choices for you: 1. 'More You 2022' - a 2 hour forecast for the year to come will provide some context to create a plan! 2. Get a chart reading - looking at your own unfoldment in the coming month (10% off 'Numeric Reading' Gift Card) 3. If you are serious about your own quest and it's brand, and in need for a business context, lets set up a free 20 minute coaching checkin!



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