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MARCH'S PERSONALITY - a Tyrant's Numbers

Numeric Chart - October 7 1952 - With the triple 7 in his chart we can see the immediate pattern of Mr. P's personality: highly analytical, consumed by knowledge, philosophical and ideological which with the repeated significant number of 22 means at times fanatic in its views and very attached to a grand vision of the past.

The repetition of 7 in the foundation of Mr. P's numeric chart forms a triangle of the significant number 14 - 'mental and physical confinement' multiple 3 times - in the positions of strategy, personal space, and strength. In Putin's reality Russia needs a lot of space to feel safe (the internal noise is so strong that everything is confined and need to be protected). The repetition of 7 refers to a character that is private, secretive, doesn't reveal much and prefer to be alone and live by his own terms (family is not a big theme here).

When it comes to boundaries there is a lack of trust and attachment to the past. With attachments come the characteristics of someone who will hold a grudge and be ruthless with anyone who stood up to his authority or betrayed him (in his minds eyes) - his 'little black book' is full of people he would like to eliminate. In a challenge position in the chart Mr. P is phobic about losing power or not having enough money. his idea of Fairness and justice is wrapped by his convictions - and the war in Ukraine is a just an act (blaming the west) based on the unjust dissolvement of the soviet empire. In his reality Russia is a deprived heir, who was robbed from greatness and glory. The time cycle could not be worth for P - in a personal year under the vibrations of the number 3. A year of impulsiveness, rebellious and a grab for power.

This is not the best time for impulsive decisions, especially when so much is at stake (for him 2023 would be a better year for a bold move), being in the thrall of impulsiveness will be irreversible - and may affect us all (since 2022 - is a year of interconnectedness, on a larger scale of reality - and the mastery number 22 repeats in Mr. P's Chart Twice).

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