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Mighty May-Mastery and Closure

May as a vibration is about movement, travel, creating flexibility and harnessing a sense of freedom, even in times of constrain. The 5th month of the year is about closure, mastery and focus. A process which have started in September of 2021 is coming to completion. Time to eliminate things that do not serve your ‘big picture’ vision (in the form of property ['stuff'], hobbies, projects that you have no intention to fulfill). 2022 which is primarily about forming a plan around our vision, a structure and form for the coming years, is being examined as we entering May. It requires honesty and clarity to commit to the areas that are important for us. This type of house clearing (metaphorically and literally) is here to help us form focus and create an opportunity to gain mastery and depth. This process of purging and focusing, will continue through the third week of June.

We experiencing this month a desire to evolve in areas such as career, money and relationships be inspired by growth and form applications that will benefit others. It is an opportunity to eliminate distracting elements in the form of matter and people. Pay close notice to who are the ones that support your big picture (few in 'your team' will leave the scenery). Science and math will be on the rise to support your big picture! Reactive behavior may be counter effective this month! Avoid any doubt when it comes to leadership positions and roles.

In the heart configuration of this month's chart, matters of beauty, precision and depth will be the focus of our choices. We are driven in May by the desire to make a better world locally and collectively. The vibrations of 9 in our emotional body will trigger sometimes harshness and reactive behavior (at times). To hold impulsiveness at bay, we need to be focusing on giving something back to our community and people who are close to us.  The heart is shining on women's power this month as well, the feminine as a quality.

The foundation or base of this month's chart can be magical or... driven by fanaticism and extremes. The magical is linked to inspiration and imagination. avoid any 'tunnel vision' mentality take risks and step out of your comfort zone to master your bigger, greater self. Make sure you follow the steps of your vision methodically. People that do not match your vision will step to the side line and at times disappear from your social scenery. This sense of loss may be felt at times. This unnerving notion will require extra patience and endurance on your part.

Know that this natural cycle of elimination is necessary for your own growth and development. think about all the areas in your life that are important to you and start to shift your actions to support a deeper experience in things that matters to you.

Need to form a plan?

Lets look at your numeric chart - Creating your own unfoldment in the coming year!

Questions about the process of a numeric reading are more then welcome -



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