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The 22nd week of 2024: Waning Moon - healing and clearing process!

The next two weeks are about, clearing the space for something new to come!

Many of us are wondering at this point in time, what is next for me? What is my true purpose and direction?

22 is the archetype of the ‘Master Planner’, ‘The Architect’, ‘the visionary’.

This significant number, provides the ability to envision and see the big picture, of any given situation. 

One’s ability to dream up the creation of greater realities, countries, cities, communities, buildings, work of art - or visions with complex multi- layered reality. This is all a powerful capacity, yet there is a downside to it.

The pitfall of a 22 is getting lost in the small details, (of all the intricacies) and lose sight of the greater vision or the big picture. For example envisioning a beautiful building, while getting caught in the details of which window frames to choose, or visioning the future of a country and its development, yet getting caught in the details of a park in the middle of the city as a small detail to execute that vision.

22 is a closure cycle that will be activated through relationships and social engagements. the 22nd week is about finding a clear voice - one that may inspire many, and provide a sense of positivity in your world.

To find that voice within this time cycle in the presence of a waning moon,  one will have to clear their internal and external space. It is the time to examine any objects, feelings or thoughts, and see if they fit ones current purpose and understanding. 

Hopefully within the next two weeks you (we) will clear the space from any unnecessary noise and any attachments that obscure your passion and sense of self, while creating a clear plan to ride the wave of inspiration.

Need support in finding purpose and clarity?

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