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the 43rd week of 2023

We are living in challenging times – from a yogic/spiritual perspective we are in a transition, this supposed to be the last hoorah of the Piscean age ‘the dark time’, transiting into a more promising age – Aquarian age – where innovation, well-being of many and truth will guide our way. Changing of the seasons are challenging, we can feel the current hardship and see some cracks of changes for the better a mist darkness. Yet those changes don’t seem rapid or fast enough for us. The mounting conflicts in our world seem impossible to bridge or solve. The good news is that we can shift our own energy every time we feel anxious or over extended, emotionally, and physically. For example - these days over consuming news can affect our well-being (nervous system, mind set) I try to minimize my news intake. Recently my friend Lynn, a long time yoga colleague of mine, shared a news outlet which focuses on the good (even in a volatile situation). Positive news.

The 43rd week of the year is under the vibrations of the ‘good shepherd’ the archetype of the care giver, the nurturer, the energy that provides a helping hand to many. Nourishing the collective, community, and family – more then few people will come asking for your help, see what you can do without stepping over your own needs and boundaries. In the background this week there is a challenge, we are feeling a bit confined by circumstances and other people, that prevents us from fully expressing our own desires and needs, so take a pause, identify your needs and desires.

As we are moving through the next two weeks we will have to find the courage to change our own perception, reduce our negative projection and find some positive wisdom within (get your own negative influencers survey). Change need to start with each one of us, changing our inner space, quieting down all the critical voices that inhabit our mind, so we can gain our sense of infinite wisdom, intuition, and inner peace. Below is a special kriya for inner peace.

Tip for the week

Meditation rules! if you are a beginner or advanced practitioner be consistent in your daily practice (if you need support in the area schedule a free meditation coaching intercepting our saboteurs and creating a space of positivity is so crucial these days, and this week is no exception, it require us to double our effort - if you meditate 10 minute a day double the time or do it in the AM and before bed time - the number 6 is the 3rd eye the seat of intuition and it appears twice in this weeks numeric chart.

Here are some more information about Soul Purpose Coaching, and more on some of the technology I use to bring my clients to re connect to their original spiritual blueprint - remove any sabotaging forces, and increase their capacity to maintain positivity. Positive Intelligence 7 week foundation process.

Check out my Insta for some daily-ish inspiration. I offer life purpose coaching and a variety of consultations, Life Coaching, Numerology Readings, Tarot readings, Partnerships-compatibility readings. Harmonyum Healing - removing bad luck - connecting to your original blue print



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