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Understanding Reality through the Tarot

Have you ever felt that there are other hidden forces involved in your daily and yearly experiences?

Where sometimes you have may experience fluidity, energy and progress and other times, no matter how much effort, sweat and (sometimes) tears you’ve put into what we call your passion, purpose, goals and desires - there was very little progress, or no sense of achievement or inspiration at all.


Clear Purpose is one's inner sanctuary, inner truth, and compass.

which is fueled by our spirit which is conditioned by our cosmic rhythms. When we are aligned with our inner rhythms and achieve a sense of calm and focus the outer reality is aligned as well.


The result of this alignment manifests in one’s authentic self-expression, inspired feelings and actions, creating abundance in many forms!


If you find from your own experience that something is a fact and it contradicts what some authority has written down, then you must abandon the (source of) authority and base your reasoning on your own findings.

— Leonardo da Vinci 

If we can assume that every moment holds a pattern a frequency, a mood and a feeling that is ruled by our mind set which is ruled by our inspired (or uninspired) vision I would like to offer in this book to the world as a framing, a quantifying method, and tools to be able to  work with the inner, unseen reality.

The framing that outer change, require, inner change is not coincidental. Many spiritual traditions and texts, talks about contemplation, meditation, intuition, and following a higher invisible calling to change circumstantial, physical, and mental patterns and realities.


Like many systems of divination, to name a few such as Astrology, Numerology, and I Ching, The Tarot is a divination tool, that can help us understand our own virtue and flowed character. It can offer sympathy and healing toward ourselves and others and offer some greater potential for us to tap into and realize. I hold the Tarot as a practical spiritual tool. A Tool where one can strategies their potential and destiny.

Every soul is given some awesome powers to utilize in this lifetime, and every soul can have the capacity of freewill in shaping its desired destiny.

This ‘framing’ can be applied to any given circumstances or vision - a money vision, career vision, or relationships vision.


Intro to the spiritual mystical science of The Tarot and its effect on the universal and individual soul - uncovering your intuitive powers!

This is an intro to a 15 week course over zoom

the course and the journey of it will shift ones awareness and consciousness! MORE INFO



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