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September Forecast - Double 9 = Soul Connection

A special numeric code colors September - A Double 9 in the heart position, which echoes the year's numeric imprint. Amplifying qualities of Mastery, Over reactiveness, feminine power, and over all a process of completion, clearing and the rise of spiritual fanaticism and zeal.

September starts a cycle of completion which will dominate the next seven weeks (the last week in October will mark an opportunity to initiate a fresh start). We are quite attached when it comes to endings and completions, - yet the opportunity here is to acknowledge areas that we have mastered and move-on to a greater 'playgrounds'. The capacity to read between the lines is strong, take advantage of it use and trust your intuition, notice the hidden truth and act on it gracefully! 9 which represents the subtle body and the intuitive force especially in matters of the heart, will be the force for making choices this month. All while cultivating common compassion for our desires, and shared humanity. Meditative daily practice such as yoga and meditation will be priceless this month, connecting to infinity which is zero as a source for insights, will be a life saver.(below some study and practice opportunities).The base of this month's Numeric chart Is about trust and cooperation, creating harmony in the midst of conflict. Righteousness and unreal expectations will create unnecessary hardships, especially in the areas of relationships, and partnerships. Time to step out and ask for support, cultivating emotional connection and using diplomacy. Try to leave the past behind (easy said then done) and show gratitude to the relationships which support and nurture your journey.

The new moon (9/9) echo's the challenges within this month's chart - avoiding extremes would be beneficial, sharing ones values with out any attachment to an outcome would be beneficial - emotional declarations wrapped in gratitude will get you extra points. 9 - is a key number this year (with its double imprint in September) - Ask yourself what is incomplete in my life? What is being an open ended project? Break down your completion process into manageable chunks - have fun with it. 9 has to do with the appreciation of details and artistic expression - notice this month some of these experiences which highlights art in its various forms.Need more specific guidance for these pivotal times - maybe it is time for Numeric consultation.

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