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2018 To 2019 Crossing Over Part 1

Open up the field for positivity by making peace the past! As we are looking at 2018 and its trajectory, it is far from completion. - the cycle of 9 in numeric terms give us the opportunity to complete incomplete business through the 3RD Week of August 2019 - an Eight month time span of additional space to clear the path, and systematically create a desired alignment with a greater potential. These are evolutionary times - of reexamining our values, ideals and past choices. Be positive in pushing through this cycle. It has a different flavor (then 2018), since we can feel and see its closure. Providing the potential for real change, and growth! The word we need to examine in the coming days is excellence! The first quarter of the year holds the qualities of leadership, male authority, with a heightened influence of the power of our words and projections, it starts with a challenge of opposites - opposite positions, opinions - gridlock between opinions and conflicting points of view - try to find areas of agreements in the disagreement - as we move forward February will bring impulsiveness, creative spark and expression, and a forced social busyness, all fueling an awakened sense of practicality - looking at the bigger picture and coming to an understanding that we can still cherish our points of view and opinions, while at the same time thriving towards harmony and partnership within our communities.

– Patience and Endurance will be needed; avoid getting caught in self-doubt or fear – it is the right timing to give something back to a cause of your choice, supporting the greater good! All or nothing mentality will need to be tempered – restriction and rebellious against past source of authority - will be tested - and means only one thing - each one of us need to find 'the leader within'. Disagreements between heart and mind, will be experienced! In the next eight month women's power will be tested, not within a gender context – but in the context of values and ideals, bringing out the power of leadership and inspiration.

Listen to others – with or without reaction - it's your choice! In Part two (2019 - forecast) - more on the Numeric code of the year - and what it means in the areas of relationships and partnerships. If You need more insight for your own journey and choice making process - maybe it is time to look at your Numeric chart for the upcoming year.

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