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Reality vs. falling into illusion or fantasy

Reality vs. falling into illusion or fantasy are some of the themes and experiences in August. As we are moving through some of the after effects of physical changes in July, the need at this point is to have some structure and form to handle many changes. A time cycle under the number 4 is about structure, work (putting in more effort), accountability and responsibility. A four cycle is focused on the task at hand. Four is about building a structure and a strong foundation for the success of future goals and plans. It is the time to be methodical and follow a plan one step at a time. Make sure you work with balance and neutrality. Work with the flow, don’t push it too hard or give in to rigidity, yet don’t give in to laziness or procrastination either. Its a time of service as well, a good cycle to give something back so your efforts and plans (personal and public) will flow without the usual struggle.

4 is associated with the heart center - and in matters of the heart, August brings fantasy and illusion. Our desires and motivations this month will be clouded by deception. The power of self prophecy will be present this month. 13 as a significant number has a double quality of deception and betrayal, manifestation of negativity on one hand, and the capacity for inventing possibilities and opportunities through inspiration on the other. Before making a sudden, impulsive decisions, weigh the pros and cons, measure your reality few times before cutting any cord or coming up with some harsh conclusions. As a month that is about putting some extra effort and being of service to others, the container of this effort and service is related to family, community, the group and the home. Issues of fairness and social justice will come up. Treat them as an opportunity to strengthen and grow your relationships. Think outside the box and treat new and old connections without any expectations - yes its easy said and done. Avoid disappointments by inviting the ones who walk their talk into your intimate circle. Tip #1 – Be real, see the upside side in any given situation When it comes to illusion the tendency may be this month to see more of the negative side of any given situation. Try to see the opportunities and the gifs, even in challenging circumstances.

Tip #2 - Do not take your relationships for granted!

Every potential or evolution this month has to do with others, the group, family and community - and the pitfall is to treat familiar relationships in a robotic manner. Be curious about your relationships, even familiar characteristics may hold many discoveries in them.

Tip #3 - In your process - be methodical!

This cycle is about process and structure - do not skip steps in your process (the tendency would be to do so) - make a plan and take one step at a time - break your process down to manageable steps.

How to intercept your self-sabotaging forces?

We are experiencing times of reactiveness, and challenge, some of our self-sabotaging forces are super active. If you want to learn more about your saboteurs - use this Free saboteur assessment! And to learn more on how to intercept these forces, please watch this Video on on positive intelligence

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