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March's Numeric Forecast - Creative Impulsiveness

March, the 3rd month in 2018 - brings out, creativity and artistic expression. This cycle will provide us with many opportunities to get inspired, motivated, and share new ideas with others. It is a very social month, which will require a conscious pauses between demanding social engagements (make sure you nurture yourself first). The next weeks will provide opportunities to spawn many new inspiring visions, and projects. At times one will experience restlessness and worry. Avoid impulsive decision making, and reactiveness (over dramatic). Way the prose and cones before committing your resources (time and money) to any of the new projects which coming your way - way the prose and cones before any decision involve commitment and money. Be mindful, this is not the time to go to NYC for a weekend, or leave your unfulfilling job position (wait till April).

In the base of this month's numeric chart the vibration of five creates restlessness and a sense of adventure, events will move fast, especially behind the scenes, changes may happen unexpectedly, in the areas of commerce location, travel and communication.– Be flexible when dealing with sudden change – endurance will be needed. It is a time for creative input and preparation. March provide the space and time for new discoveries - especially in areas of passion, creative expression and communication.

To sum it up: March: Socially busy month, impulsive, unfinished ideas and projects. Social noise will be in the forefront. Over worrying and some concern will arise especially in the area of choice making (eating junk food will point out a worrying mind). Clear understanding and clear communication will be extremely beneficial. Movement, breath work, and taking extra care of your physical body and environment will alleviate concern and stress, giving more room to errors when driving or traveling - are some of the key points to make our ride this month 'graceful'.

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