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August - Make Some Choices, No Matter What!

August 2018, highlights the Energetic quality of consciousness or the panic body (body of life force). This month brings to attention the individual and the collective Energy fields (panic force), especially in the areas of finances, power, and healing. The double influence of 8 brings issues around control; bringing in classic dilemmas such as : who's in charge? who will make the critical choices this time around? And who will lead the way Vs. who may follow? The goal this month is to take on the "Executive Mind" and make few key choices around finances, moving beyond stagnation and fear. Luck is available for getting your true heart desires fulfilled. Open hearts will provide us with healing, and a possibility to expand our body of wealth. Go ahead and embrace your deepest desires this month, recommit to connect and complete unfinished business in areas which really matters to you. Aligning passion with rightful action will bring in abundance. The catch here is to make sure you focus on your expressions not on a desired power or the illusion of control. It is time to take risks, despite momentary fear. Breath-work will shift everything, laughter will create waves of positivity which will help you snap out of low motivation points (especially in the first half of the month). Avoid any unnecessary conflicts and power struggles - butting heads will go nowhere. If you are following others lead, be ok with it - power is an inner force. The base of this month's Numeric chart is about the attitude of perfection, an "all or nothing" approach with a deep desire to excel. The base of 10 (being perfect) can create rigidity and apathy - which will have us move between high and lows, excitement and depression, and may challenge our nervous system. Appreciate imperfections in August, bring a sense of humor to it. Choice making is an art form. When we have a plan with measurable desired results at hand - making powerful choices is easy - coming up Fulfillment Workbook - Passion In Action.

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