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April-All or Nothing

This month brings an awakening of the Pranic body (the body of life force). It provides money and healing opportunities as well as stepping up to leadership roles.

Money opportunities are a possibility if one will be willing to follow a plan and stick to it. Money related issues will bubble up to the surface. The desire to gain power and amass more resources will be evident, locally and globally. power grabbing in leadership and authority positions will prevent some of us from taking on greater responsibilities and ripe greater rewards. Watch out for some short comings especially in planning and creating consistency. That lack of consistency for some of us will create delays in achieving some of our most desired personal and communal (global) goals. Stick to your plan, revise it frequently and be in action.

This time around no plan equal to no movement especially when it comes to servicing others. Without a structure - our services and offerings will be in an uphill mode this month. Any health constraints that have been neglected need to be addressed now - take charge of your healing and create some actions around the process (teeth? Eyes? General health? Immune system?). In the realm of passion and our heart desires rigidity will cause unnecessary conflicts with others.

Authority issues may show up, specially around our own stubborn self. It may prevent many of us from harnessing the energetic potency of April and prevent us from manifesting our financial/success goals. The solution to stubbornness maybe in accepting partial accomplishments, getting something done vs. waiting for perfection to show up ('avoid all or nothing' mentality). Our leadership skills will come handy especially in the areas of inspiring and servicing others, plus having the courage to take risks - mainly, to step out of our comfort zone. Seek agreements with other piers even amid disagreement, it will boost your power-field.

The good News is that 2022 is a favorable year for planning and have the energetic means for us to tap into a vision and practicality to create means to make progress and expansion happen. The main rule is - don't get lost in the details of your vision - be in action.

Need to form a direction and a plan?

Get your chart done - looking at your own unfoldment in the coming year! Questions about the process of a numeric reading are more then welcome -



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