August's Creative Change

July dwelled on illusion, deception and surprise. Augusts turn that illusion and surprise into physical consequences and deep change. Creative movement, impulsiveness, dramatic expression, and acts of rebellion are some of the qualities that comes with energetic August.

August is about Re-configuring social connections. This months cycle will provide us with many opportunities to be inspired, and share new ideas with others. Do not be lured or influenced by impulsiveness. New possibilities are coming out. It is a social time cycle, make sure to take a pause between social engagements, so you can take a deep breath and nurture yourself. Many new inspiring visions, and new projects, will pop to existence. At times one will experience restlessness and worry. Avoid being over dramatic. Weigh the pros and cons before committing your resources (time and money) to any of your new visions. Be neutral, this is not the time to travel around the world, or spend all your savings.