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Yin/Yang - 2nd half of Jan - Opportunity

The 3rd week of the 2022 (a year that is being created between chaos and order - rigidity/flexibility ) is internal, stalling and mental. Being annoyed regarding others will be common. YET it is all about our internal world (nothing to do with friends, colleagues or loved ones), it is all about the individual. The focus is about finding inspiration, finding new understanding within - so we can take our creative expression to a different level. The week of the 14th is about digging deeper and finding that spark of new knowledge, new words, all to create new reality. It is all a prep for the 4th week of the year which will be (according to its code) external about power, money, healing energy and many opportunities to overcome insecurities regarding our own ability to lead and take charge.

some helpful secretes to create a desired outcome and harness some order and control especially around ones finances:

  1. Avoid power struggles and unnecessary fights!

  2. Take extra care of your physical body and its energy!

  3. Make some bold choices regarding money making opportunities.

  4. Make sure you have a plan at hand to create good practices and habits around your choices and desires. If you need extra support in structure and planning the first step would be to listen to 'the Code 2022' a month by month forecast for the coming year.



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