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October’s Forecast - The Other Frontier

October 2018 carries on a completion cycle, which we have started in September, it is a longer time cycle which requires extra patience and endurance, it will last through the 3rd week in October. On one hand the world by large is witnessing an act of clearing and purging, which effects our collective and individual psyche (physically, emotionally and spiritually). We are finding ourselves, desperately clinging on to our values and beliefs. The divisions between us, based on extreme opinions and ideals will continue to escalate. Our heart desires within this month's numeric chart is effected by 'all or nothing' attitude. (Octobers numeric value) ‘10’ is about the qualities of leadership, control and inspiration driven (at times) by perfection which leaves us very little room for compromise. The first three weeks in October focus on conclusions and endings. Relationships which have not been matching our current state of mind will be dropped to the sideline. We may feel a sense of loss, and restlessness. These experiences will require us to be extra patience, with an attitude of 'one day at a time'. September was a reactive month, highly emotional, as the subtle body (9) became volatile; the feminine force was on the rise. October holds a different flavor. This time around, it is all about finding freedom even under challenging circumstances, taking charge of our heart desires, while striding forward to complete unfinished business. A less reactive atmosphere is coloring the process, all to create a space for the new to come within the last week of the month.

You better be prepared to take on a clear purposeful course of direction - starting at the end of the month, proceeding through November and December. In one hand we find ourselves with the desire to uplift others through noble principles, and on the other hand we may find ourselves in a position of being attached to some unrealistic ideals. Especially in matters of understanding others. Rigid male energy is on the rise. 10 - brings issues of fear, and phobia which may take its toll on the nervous system, and adrenals. We want to be in control this month, and unless we can find a way to compromise, and be neutral we may find ourselves in conflicting situations. The key is not to take our positions too seriously, lets be OK with moderations, with imperfections, and take the chance and the courage to step out into new realities. The base of this month’s Numeric chart, indicates a need to be nurtured through food, social engagement and creative public expression. Watch out for the tendency to over worry or be phobic about self and others opinions. Sudden urge to splurge with some junk food may occur, a clear indication of being extra emotional and worry. Artistic expression and a sense of play will be beneficial, especially in venturing out and trying new fields of interests, which we have not explored before. Above all - love and nurture yourself - so you have the room to be available to others. - need more guidance, and clarity? feel free to schedule a reading

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