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Better Have a Plan for your Vision

February was impulsive and erratic month; hopefully you didn't act from a reactive state of mind. March provides a new energy and vocabulary, in numeric terms. First everything will be conditioned by trust, through dialogue and within the capacity to bring harmony even in the midst of disagreements. The multitude of 2’s point out a rhythm of connection, diplomacy, and emotional fluctuations - as well as a ’watery' imbalance. This month’s time cycle is about planning, creating a big picture and a road map for the month even years to come. the 2’s indicate that planning will benefit from collaborations and cooperation. That will create a larger pool of resources. A time cycle under the significant number of 22 points the possibility of a divine plan (driven by spirit) which may affect many in the coming months.

March is about positivity and possibility (especially as we tap into Spring Equinox) In the heart configuration of this month’s numeric chart (the position that promotes preferences, desires and choice making) is effected by the significant number 13.

13 is a significant, spiritual number – has the double quality of deception and betrayal, and negativity manifested in one hand and on the other the capacity to manifest possibilities and create beautiful and outstanding dreams as real events in one's life, creating your world through the power and projection of the word.

In the heart configuration this month, Make sure you are real about your intentions of what you desire to invite into your life, as well as with whom. Be practical about the reality you are operating from. “Potential” is always there yet it may never manifest itself. So, be extra assertive when it come to collaborations and partnerships - make sure that folks u engage with walk their talk - the flip side is getting caught in self manifested fantasy, or unreal expectations - falling into the trap of disappointment.

March Can be productive, structured, planned and effective; OR delusional, unrealistic and caught in smallness. 22 as a mastery number requires being alert and focused on ones vision, vs. being lost in the details of ones big picture and many considerations.

The backdrop of ‘planning’, of being structured, making an effort (finding a steady rhythm of work pace) is colored by fairness, collaboration, sense of community, home, appreciation of beauty and the power of meditation and prayer. Assertiveness, will support your big plan; Taking time alone will benefit your projection, your choice of words and sense of reality. The clearer your reality is, the better your planning will be, and that will provide you with a better choice making process!

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