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December - a Call for a higher consciousness and it's guidance

In a year of ongoing conflicts, dilemmas and disharmony - connecting to an uplifting source of awareness may feel like a breath of fresh air.

That vibration, brings the possibility of tapping into a higher sense of teaching or dharma. Some of us, will find a calling unexpectedly, or a sense of wanting to deliver a teaching, contribute, or maybe stumble into a potential mentor, or a teacher (5 is about the act of communication and teaching). This vibration allows us to give more than our imagined ability and capacity; it suggests being guided by higher awareness. The experience will unfold this month in a way where the journey of learning and its wisdom will become one.

Communication is in a vulnerable spot this month. Either the desire to be heard, to teach others, or the challenge of speaking truth to power. The key is to take risks and speak up, or share your thoughts publicly anyway. Take extra care of your physical body and physical environment. These coming weeks are an opportunity to let go of ghosts from the past - in the form of people or events. Many times we have an urge or attachment to keep our hidden skeletons as part of our identity. Freedom is on the other side of setting them free and promising to ourselves to never bring them (person or event) up again.

The foundation of this month experience - is rooted in the intellect - tinkering, figuring out what's next, analyzing past events and desiring to have more 'me' time, are part of its expressions. Think outside the box, bring some reflection of what you desire to pursuit next that will forward your game. above all - don't get caught in over thinking and do something that provide an experience which lift the soul (music, chanting moving etc.). 7 in the base is about charging ourselves with hope and inspiration - do it for yourself and others.

Classes and Trainings with Akiva Over Zoom

  • Soul-R Yoga Breath Medicine and Mantra in motion: Every Wed and Sun 4:30pm-5:30pm PST - The ultimate Vitality booster - Get Your Mojo Back!

  • "The Code 2021" - forecast and applications for the upcoming year - 12/17 - 6pm-8pm PST - for your benefits in the areas of relationship, money and career.

  • (Tantric) Numerology Certificate program - great savings on tuition through 12/17: Starts January 14 2021

  • Numerology Reading Gift Certificate 20% off through January - The Numeric code will set your destiny in a positive pole for the upcoming year and beyond - Best Holiday Gift!



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