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May - Unity Time?

The last week in April have kicked in a new path, a new opening, the unexpected is seeding a new direction that will color our next nine month experience. Most of it is positive, even in these heroic times.

May is offering a balancing act of duality vs harmony, diplomacy vs. fanatic and extreme behavior. Spiritual expansion is present at this point and will effect material circumstances for the better. Connecting to inspiration will provide some fresh perspective and direction for us as a collective.11 frequency is the higher octave of a two vibration. A two cycle is all about relationships, camaraderie, and cooperation. It is time to build connections with others and create a sense of collaboration and support. The 11 perspective is about collaboration around a path, a dream, a vision, a new understanding of self and others, noticing the world you are inspired by - avoid extreme attachment and fanatic ideals (it is a time cycle where you may notice others extreme points of view and the lack of inspired vision, or compassion).

An 11 cycle amplifies the higher connection to one's soul aspiration. It is a pivotal cycle where we need to move beyond our own limiting beliefs and find an inspiring truth. It is the paradox when two sides of the truth become one reality.  Easy said than done!  This May experience can be effected by extremes on a personal and collective levels, where the absence of inspiration will be clouded by fanaticism and dogma.Physical changes and the quest for connection will bring some new focus this month even in the midst of conflicting behavior and duality. Issues of trust especially in the ‘feeling’ department will come up – and that’s where finding a dialog will be handy. Try to agree on something in any given encounter. Spiritual connection to change is present in this new cycle of emotional optimism. In the base of this month numeric chart we are dealing with the power of words, manifestation through our speech and thoughts.

Negativity may manifest quickly through harsh behavior and harsh words, inspired communication will open hidden doors and will create desired opportunities. Written agreements and clear structure will benefit our performance and support our goals this month. Be real and clear about your offerings especially within the group or community level, do not get caught in fantasizing about the change you would like to see in yourself and others, be inspired to express your deepest ideas and passions, a sense of humor will support your journey this month.This month requires some extra work around trust issues and connection to self and others, maybe it is time to look at your own 2024/2025 numeric chart.

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