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September's pivotal week 

The 37th week of 2022 is driven by renewal and hope. Motivation is not a passive act of consciousness, it is a quality that needs to be cultivated. The timing is perfect for cultivating that notion. In our seasonal cycle, there are times of extreme Yang energy (summer solstice) and extroverted Yin energy with its pinnacle on winter solstice. Fall Equinox provides an opportunity for reset and balance, finding the middle zone within our extremes.

The opportunity in the next ten days is to reset our psyche by balancing opposites and make our fluctuating mind work for us. The challenge this week is both mental and physical.

Under the vibration of 14, we are faced with challenges in the areas of health and movement. It brings the unexpected elements of surprise and reactiveness. We need to be extra alert in the areas of travel and movement. Driving, hiking, and flying may be delayed. Experiences may include changes in routes or a sudden occurrences such as, running out of gas on our way to our favorite dig in the neighboring town. The qualities of flexibility, slowing down, or providing a buffer for errors will be helpful. This is not the time to be careless. Put a post-it in front of you saying "No Rushing".

On the positive note it is a time of opportunities and discoveries. As the physical circumstances shift, unexpected opportunities will come to the surface. Reactiveness will obscure us from revealing opportunity and beauty.

So, as we are tapping into Fall Equinox, be generous with yourself and others, create a space of peace through long deep breathing, slow down, and witness the opportunities that are right here in front of you!

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