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Fall Equinox - clarity and mastery

This Fall Equinox-week in a year which is physically volatile, and driven by change, is about discernment, time along, and reevaluating your 'greater why', which is about refining your ultimate purpose or mission at this time.

Recommended: Take some 'alone time' to reevaluate your forms of collaboration and communication – new knowledge and wisdom will come to you – a special message will come your way. Watch out for an increase in reactive behavior, measure your words carefully. Try to see the gift in any challenge this week.

Attending live music, or participating in a group chanting will be a beneficial practice, which will promote some lightness of being. Take extra care of your physical body – let go of incomplete projects and attachments. – It’s a year to harness flexibility and the ability to pivot quickly. great timing to finish unfinished business that was on a pause for a while.

Water issues have been on the rise this year, and this week they will come to a climax (emotions as well).

As we are balancing the elements of fire and water (equinox is about the balance of opposites) – take a note where in your life experience there is a need for an equilibrium and balance.

Tip for this Equinox week

Equinox itself is occurring on the 22 of September - its a double 11 day under the auspicious number of 22. An opportunity to cast any illusion and get real about your big picture - your master plan. great timing to vision what would you like to see happening for yourself in a year from now!

(Need support and accountability in the area - schedule a free exploration session)

Here are some more information about Life Purpose Coaching, and more on some of the technology I use to bring my clients to re connect to their original spiritual blueprint - Positive Intelligence 7 week foundation process.

Check out my Insta for some daily-ish inspiration. I offer life purpose coaching and a variety of consultations, Life Coaching, Numerology Readings, Tarot readings, Partnerships-compatibility readings. Harmonyum Healing - removing bad luck - connecting to your original blue print

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